Pastoral Outreach

Pastoral Care of the Sick Group

“I was sick and you visited me” Matthew 25:36

The Pastoral Care of the Sick group commenced in 2002, and it has evolved into a fruitful group whose aim is to reach out to the sick and elderly, or anyone in need. Members of the group minister Communion, pray and provide companionship either at hospital, in nursing homes or in people’s own homes. They bond with the sick through faith and life experiences and are a “lifeline” to the church ensuring the sick feel they are still part of the Parish community. There are meetings held every 3 months to discuss issues, update changes in situations and reflect on the Word of God. A Healing Mass, which has evolved from the Pastoral Care of the Sick group, is held on the first Saturday of each month. This is an opportunity to receive healing from the Lord and have a social cuppa and chat afterwards.

Home Visitation

Since relationships are vital in Christian Ministry, pastoral home visits help parishioners to know their priest and other staff of the Parish. Parish visitation of families fosters unity and helps in continuing to build a warm and caring parish family. Each year the families of children who have participated in the sacramental process the previous year, are visited by the Parish Priest and their homes are blessed.

St. Vincent de Paul Society

The Society of the St Vincent de Paul is an international Catholic organisation of lay persons who seek, in a spirit of justice and charity, to help those who are suffering. By invitation of the Parish Priest, the Society, present in most parishes in Australia, operate in small groups of lay persons called a Conference. St Bernadette’s Conference was formed in June 1961 and has ministered to the residents of Lalor Park and Kings Langley, irrespective of colour, race or creed. The Society (known as Vinnies) is the sole charity within the Parish. Visitation is done in pairs and many people are assisted annually in this Parish. The Society is also involved in hospital and prison visitation, homes for the aged, hostels for the homeless, migrant assistance and overseas help. It is said that no act of charity is foreign to the Society. In addition, the Society also organises what is called “Vinnie’s Pantry”. Parishioners are invited each month to donate small amounts of staple foods such as tea, milk, jam etc. and the members of St Vincent de Paul pack these up into hampers for those in need. The St Vincent de Paul Society members also run the piety stall after weekend masses, where parishioners can purchase a range of devotional goods.

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