Liturgy Groups


This group consists of a small number of men who assist in providing a prayerful atmosphere for those gathered for Mass, through service at the Altar. Their duties include:
  • assisting the priest at Mass and involvement at times in other liturgical celebrations
  • conducting communion services on weekday mornings when the priest is unavailable
  • ensuring that things such as the chalice, communion breads and wine are ready for the celebration of Mass
  • assisting in the distribution of Holy Communion either under one or both species of bread or wine
  • cleaning up and putting away of liturgical vessels after Mass
This group functions efficiently on a roster basis with each Acolyte dedicated to their appointed duties.

Altar Servers

Being an Altar Server is a very important calling. God asks the server for special dedication in fulfilling those sacred duties at or near the altar. The priest and the assembly require the server’s help to celebrate the Eucharist and other liturgies. The server is the priest and acolyte’s right hand helper. Young people from Year 5 upwards are eligible to become Servers and there has always been an active group of servers at St Bernadette’s. The young people are divided into three groups – new servers (those in their first year), junior servers (students in Years 6 – 8) and senior servers (those in Year 9 and up). Junior servers wear a wooden cross and seniors wear a coloured metal cross. These crosses are presented to servers during the celebration of Sunday Mass when they become eligible to wear them. At the end of each year Servers are presented with an award celebrating their number of years as a server. The Parish is proud of their young servers and gives thanks for their service through the ministry of Altar Server.

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion assist the priest in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to the assembled congregation, when required, on a roster basis. Some ministers are also available to take Holy Communion to the sick and incapacitated members of the parish community who are unable to attend mass, thereby assuring them of their strong link with the Parish.

Flower Arrangement Group

There are two groups of ladies who arrange flowers in the church and add to the beauty of the Liturgy and the church environment. The weekend group purchase and arrange flowers for the main altar area each week on a roster basis, except during Lent or Advent or when there are already flowers from a wedding or funeral. The weekday group supply and arrange flowers for the Blessed Sacrament Chapel and the shrines of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, St Bernadette and St Cecilia. Both groups are a well-coordinated team whose talent and dedication are admirably portrayed in the quality and beauty of their floral displays.

Ministers of the Word

The Ministers of the Word at St Bernadette’s Church are a competent and dedicated group that proclaim the scriptures to the assembly of God’s people at Mass. Ministers of the Word are required to proclaim the first reading, the Responsorial Psalm (when not sung) and the second reading. The Minister of the Word normally carries the Book of the Gospel in the entrance procession, accompanying the priest and other liturgical ministers. They also take a turn as commentator for the Mass and lead the Prayers of Intercession. Ministers of the Word are also required for special occasions and feasts. It is important that the Ministers of the Word familiarise themselves with the readings prior to Mass. Each year the Parish provides each Minister of the Word with a copy of the book Break Open The Word, a valuable resource that contains discussion notes and delivery suggestions for each reading. Formal training and casual mentoring can be organised for both learning and experienced Ministers of the Word.

Worship Environment Group

This is a small group of people who take care of our church environment. Their role becomes more prominent at Lent/Easter and Advent/Christmas. They are responsible with the priest for the appropriate decoration of the worship space, and the installation of seasonal focus aids. The environment group also liaise with the sacristy helpers and flower arranging groups so that all is coordinated.

Music Ministry

The music ministry is a group of enthusiastic musicians and singers who do their best to add a further level of spirituality to the celebration of the Mass. They provide the music for at least one Mass each weekend and enhance the worship of our whole Parish. Most of them have no musical training and they come from all age groups and backgrounds. They meet twice a month and have a great ‘family’ spirit, sharing each other’s joys and caring for each other and the Parish. The only requirements are the ability to sing or play an instrument and remembering that singing is praying twice! The Couples for Christ Music Ministry play at various Masses on a monthly basis as well as the Beale family.


The Welcomers Group has been a part of the parish since 1992. The main role of a welcomer is to greet people as they arrive for Mass and to make them feel welcome as an important part of the parish family of St Bernadette’s. Each welcomer is identified by a coloured badge showing their name and clearly stating that they are a Welcomer. Additional functions served by this ministry include handing out Parish Bulletins, providing information to visitors and parishioners as required, providing assistance to the aged or infirm, or helping those who may take ill during Mass. Welcomers also organise parishioners to carry the gifts for the Offertory Procession. The Welcomers Ministry also provides a valuable practical service by tidying up the church after Mass.

Sacristy Helpers

This group of parishioners from the daily Eucharistic community are responsible for the following during weekdays:
  • Opening & closing the Church and toilets
  • Washing, ironing and changing the Altar linen
  • Cleaning the sacred vessels, and leaving the Sacristy and Blessed Sacrament Chapel tidy after Mass
  • Washing and ironing the Altar Servers albs before Christmas and Easter
  • Vacuum, clean and dust inside and outside the Church where necessary
This group maintains the physical environment of worship during the week. They do honour to Our Lord, by keeping His house both beautiful and welcoming.

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