Family Life and Social Groups

Seniors’ Group

Although the Seniors’ Group may not be the oldest group in the Parish, it can certainly claim to have many members that have lived longer than a half-century! This group meets monthly in the Parish Hall and the format varies. They have guest speakers to entertain and inform, take part in special events such as the Cancer Council’s Morning Tea and always end the meetings with a ‘cuppa’ and a chat, taking the opportunity to congratulate those members who celebrate their birthday in the current month. The executive suggests a varied program of outings for the year and these are debated and reported upon at the meetings during the brief business session. There is usually at least one outing a month. They travel to other events they may find appealing.  Membership is open to all parishioners who are lucky enough to have time to come along!

St Bernadette’s Craft Group

This group consists of a group of school parents and parishioners who meet together from time to time. Not only do they make items for the school students to purchase, but they also provide a place to have a cuppa and a chat and get to know each other.  They have been operating for approximately ten years. 

The aim of the group is to produce small, inexpensive items for the children to buy for special days like Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day and Christmas. They also contribute their time and effort towards the school and Parish biennial Fete.  They are very fortunate in that they have a designated room in the St Joseph’s Centre to work and store all their tools of the trade. Everyone is welcome. Participants do not have to be crafty, as guidance is always on hand. Often they will hold workshops where they organise for someone to come and teach them something new that they can then put to use within the craft group.


Netball Club

St Bernadette’s Netball Club has been going for many, many years! It started out with just the students from the school but soon grew to encompass other children from within the area. When the club began there were about 10 teams and training was held in the school grounds, but as the club grew this area proved to be too small. Training had to move, first to Wheeler St Courts and later to the Association courts, where they currently train. Support from the parents has always been huge, and as time has gone by the players have grown up and taken up the reins, joining the committee as well as coaching, umpiring and dealing with uniforms and equipment.  The club currently has both junior and senior female players, as well as boys to the age of 12 years playing. The club averages about 20 teams per year and has done so for the past 20 years, showing the loyalty factor as well as the fact that the club is one for stability and friendship.  The netball season runs from March until September and it always finishes with a presentation in the Parish Hall for both the junior and senior players by way of a disco, which the juniors in particular love.

Parish School Band

St Bernadette’s Parish Band began in 1987 with the then Principal of the school, Sr. Janet Cummings as Manager and Sr. Christine Watson as Musical Director. They worked hard to get the band off the ground, organising instruments and arranging for the band to play in shopping centres, nursing homes and eisteddfods.  After the Sisters were transferred to new posts, a committee of parents continued running the band as is still the case today. The band committee do a lot of fundraising and also receive financial support from the Parent Group of the School to buy and maintain the necessary equipment.  Band members receive individual tuition from external tutors, paid from the students’ fees, and play a range of instruments including drums, guitar, saxophone, trumpet and flute.  The band is well supported by the staff of the school and the parents of the children.  The Parish School Band plans an annual occasion for the members of the Band to play some of the music they have learned on their instruments during the year.



St Bernadette’s Play Group

The St Bernadette’s Play Group provides a way for parents of pre-school children to meet and talk socially, and to share in activities that provide fun and learning for their children. The play group is registered with the Play Group Association of NSW. Meetings are held in the playgroup room at the rear of the Parish Hall building, where there are a number of resources for play, craft and music available for the group’s use. Parents of pre-school age children who are interested in joining one of the welcoming and enjoyable groups, are encouraged to contact the Parish Office for more information.

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