Administration Groups

Finance Committee

The Parish Priest is the administrator of the temporal goods of the Parish (in accordance with Canon 532).  The Parish Finance Committee function is to advise the Parish Priest on the day-to-day financial issues. Activities include the preparation of the Annual Budget and the Financial Report to the Parish, implementing and supervising planned-giving programs, reviewing insurance needs and promoting the Diocesan Development Fund. The Parish Finance Committee also assists with the keeping of current and accurate financial records with the assistance of the Parish Secretary.

Money Counters

Money counters assist in the smooth running of the Parish finances. Teams of volunteer men and women are placed on a roster and they are responsible for counting the loose money from each of the collections, checking and tallying the monies in the planned-giving envelopes. The details of these collections are recorded in the Parish financial records. The Parish is always grateful for the diligence and accuracy of the counters. They also count money for other special collections, e.g. DWF, Caritas and Catholic Mission Appeal.  

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