In 2012

  •          Lenten ‘Living Faith’ Program used from the Wollongong Diocese
  •          RCIA – 3 catechumens and 2 candidates received into the Catholic Church
  •          Men’s Group Program – ‘ Believe – Reflections on the Creed’

18 March               ‘Why We Believe’

29 April                  ‘How We Believe’

27 May                  ‘The Almighty Father’

24 June                 ‘The Lord Jesus Christ’

22 July                  Social – Putt Putt Golf

19 August              ‘The Holy Spirit and the Church’

16 September       ‘The Coming Kingdom’

21 October            ‘Knowing the Father’s Love’

2 December           Social – Christmas Dinner

Time: 4.00pm – 5.30pm

Leaders: Fernando Gallegos and Ron Micallef

Christian Men getting together and striving to grow spiritually, through a deeper understanding of our Catholic Faith and its witness to others

  •          April – Roster of Priests for Blacktown Hospital begins – Parishes of Lalor Park, Seven Hills, Blacktown and South Blacktown
  •          Father Edward Kenny moves into Parish flat at Parish Centre in February 2012
  •          Father Andrew attends the Commissioning and Welcome of the Rev. Mark Tough – new Anglican Pastor at St Clement’s Church, Lalor Park
  •          On Friday, 11 May 2012  - Pastoral Planning for the Diocese of Parramatta. Combined parishes of Lalor Park and Seven Hills.  The meeting was held at Our Lady of Lourdes, Seven Hills Hall – 70 parishioners from St Bernadette’s Lalor Park in attendance
  •          Parish maintenance – Work completed

Parish Centre

Painting of Parish Centre inside – ground floor and top storey. Outdoor metal railings painted


Painting of Church toilets and installation of hand rails in cubicles and taps that turn off automatically

Lacquer on all wooden doors of the Church building

Parish Hall

Painting of areas on the stage of the hall

Varnish and lacquer on the woodwork across the front of the stage

Handrails put on the three stairs of the stage area (OH&S issue)

Reflector tape put on the three stair areas and across the front of the stage (OH&S issue)


Wooden railing of back verandah replaced.  Damaged floorboards on the decking replaced

Verandah and laundry painted


Leaves removed from the roof of all our Parish buildings on a regular basis


Painting undertaken by ‘The Boss Group Australia Pty Ltd’

  •          June – Camp Australia take over the running of OOSH Centre from the Parish Parent Committee.  Name change OOSC (Out-of-School Care instead of Out-of-School Hours)
  •          Silver Jubilee Celebrations – Fr Andrew

Silver Jubilee weekend Masses on Saturday, 30 June 6pm. Sunday, 1st July 8.30am and 10.00am – Jubilee cake, cuppa after Mass

Tuesday, 3 July – Jubilee morning Mass at 8.45am – Cuppa after Mass

Thursday, 19 July – Jubilee Mass for Parish School and Parish at 12 noon, followed by BBQ in school grounds



In Remembrance of Rev Andrew Robinson Ordination to the Priesthood
July 3rd, 1987.

Mass of Thanksgiving St Bernadette’s Lalor Park, Sydney
July 3rd, 2012.

I am grateful to Christ Jesus our Lord because he called and appointed me to be a priest for the service of the People of God.

I am grateful to all who have touched my life during the past 25 years of priesthood.

Please pray for me that I can be humble in my service, constant in my prayer,
and faithful in my witness.

My Personal Motto:
(Psalm 100:2)



         25th  Anniversary  of  Priestly Ordination  Mass Homily of Father Andrew Robinson 3rd July 2012.

  •          On the 3rd of July 1987, the Feast of St Thomas the twin (who Evangelised  India), I was ordained a priest of Jesus Christ by the laying on of hands by Bishop Bede Heather a successor of the apostles. It was an important day for the church and wonder-filled day for me. Just as a wedding day it is only a day, a marriage is made up of many days and years. So too with the priesthood; the ordination is only a day, but the priesthood is made up of days and years. It is with deep gratitude that I remember my ordination day and the past twenty five years of service to Christ and his people.
  •          It’s wonderful to have you here to join with me for this celebration of the Eucharist, as I give thanks to God for the privilege of being called to serve in Christ’s name. I would like to share with you briefly some of my experiences of priesthood during that past twenty five years. As a priest I have served in five parishes – Our Lady Queen of Peace, Greystanes; St Bernadette’s, Castle Hill; St Thomas Aquinas, Springwood; St Matthew’s, Windsor; and for the past ten years here at St Bernadette’s.
  •          Many people talk about how things in their life were unexpected. Married people and those employed in business will often say, it is not what they expected. Life is always different in the real to what it is in the mind. But, I would have to say, for me, the priesthood has been largely what I did expect. From an early age I had a sense that God was calling me. One of my earliest memories is kneeling at Mass, watching the priest and thinking: I would like to be able to do that one day. The priesthood has been much as I expected. I expected many difficulties, and I have had them. I expected long hours praying in church, and I have had them. I expected late night calls to anoint the dying, I expected long hours in the confessional, I expected that many things that I would start would fail. The priesthood has lived up to my expectations! But I knew that life has its difficulties and that the priesthood would have its difficulties.
  •          But there are two things that I didn’t really expect: first, that God’s generosity would exceed anything that I could have hoped for, and second, how I would change about how I feel about the Mass.
  •          I knew that Jesus had said “my grace is sufficient for you”. I knew that the will of God directs all things and that in difficulties the good Lord would prepare and strengthen me to bear it. I knew that whenever the Cross came, the opportunity for Resurrection would come with it. I knew that the Lord loves a cheerful giver, and rewards them. But my experience of this reality has far surpassed this statement. As St Paul says in the second reading today; “Remember how generous the Lord Jesus was, he became poor that we might become rich.” I am not materially rich but I am rich in the blessing of Christ’s faithful love and the beauty of his amazing grace.
  •          There were many things I feared, but I have been given the unexpected strength to cope.  And for every difficulty that has come, there have been joys and satisfactions that have made it all seem worthwhile. So, while I knew it as a theory, my experience of God’s generosity has been, that it has greatly exceeded what was promised.

    But there was a second thing I said that I did not expect in my priesthood, and that has been, how I would feel about the Mass. Today, I remember when I offered my First Mass, and how I have come to realise that the Mass is much more important than I ever thought. I knew that the Mass was of infinite value, that it celebrated Christ’s Sacrifice of Calvary made present continually on our altars and offered for us to the Father. But I have experienced, more and more, that the Mass is also what the priest is about. This may seem irrelevant to our materialistic world, but to those who are on the path to salvation it is the way and wisdom of God.
  •          The Mass is what the priest is about, because only the priest can offer the Mass. The Mass is what the priest is about, because the priest is not about what he is doing, but it is about what Christ is doing at the altar. Whose body do I feed the people? Not mine but Christ’s. Whose words do I say
  •          in the consecration? Not mine but Christ’s. As I stand at the altar as the intermediary between God’s people and God the Father, in whose person do I stand and whose prayer do I offer? Not mine, but Christ’s.
  •          Today you will receive a Jubilee holy card that celebrates this special moment in my life journey. It tries to summarize the essential elements of what it means for me to be a priest. The icon of Christ the priest is central and he holds the bread that he will offer as his body, and the chalice of wine that is the blood of the new covenant. All of this rests on the book of God’s Word. The wheat and grapes remind us that their transformation into bread and wine is the result of human effort. As St Augustine said; ‘Without God we cannot. Without us God will not’. Sacramental life is a wonderful partnership. Please take a Jubilee holy card and use it to remember to pray for me.
  •          Today people have all kinds of ideas or expectations about what a priest should do and be. I am a priest and not a social worker. I have been called to be a man of prayer. To faithfully proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. To celebrate the sacraments, with true devotion. In as much as I do this, I am being faithful to the priesthood of Jesus Christ. When I teach, when I preach, when I visit the sick, when I bless a home or a sick person, in reality, it is not I who do them, but Christ working, with me, in me and through me.
  •          In my ten years here at St Bernadette’s, I have tried to really live out our vision statement by developing collaborative ministry. For me the manner of collaborative ministry is reflected in how Christ worked in the gospel.  All this has been made possible through our parish assemblies and the tireless work of the various members of the Parish Pastoral Council. Together we are the church.
  •          I am especially grateful that here at St Bernadette’s we have had a focus on the ministry of healing through our monthly celebration of the sacrament of the sick. In today’s gospel we see Jesus healing the woman with the twelve year haemorrhage and the raising of a little girl to life.
  •          Healing was and still remains central to the message and life of the gospel. I believe that this enables us to be true to the spirit of St Bernadette of Lourdes. Three of my five parishes have been under Mary’s patronage and two of those with our Lady of Lourdes. To thank her for the blessing of her intercession and as an act of Personal Renewal, I will be taking part this September in a two week pilgrimage to Lourdes in France. The pilgrimage is called the ‘Graces of France’ and I feel it is for me a fitting way to honour the Australian Bishop’s call for the church to make a “Year of Grace.” While in Lourdes, I will thank St Bernadette for the help of her prayers and ask her to continue to bless all in our parish through her intercession.
  •          So, in this anniversary, I am grateful to God for the priesthood, and grateful that His gifts have exceeded what He had promised. Throughout my ministry I have tried with God’s help to live out my personal motto from psalm 100 “to serve the Lord with joy”. Know that I am grateful for your loyal support, encouragement and prayers. To God be the glory and may Jesus Christ we praised, now and forever. Amen. (WC 1,406)


Fr Andrew Robinson PP

St Bernadette’s Parish

Lalor Park. NSW


August, 2012


Dear parishioners and friends,


I am writing to express my deep gratitude for the way in which your thoughtfulness enriched the celebration of my 25th Jubilee of priestly ordination. The three special celebrations of the Eucharist over the weekend were so beautiful and I felt the uplifting of the prayerful support offered by parishioners and friend  alike who attended these celebrations.


As I now have had time to assess all the blessings I have received, I am so grateful for the gifts of money from the parishioners and friends. There have also been special personal gifts, letters, cards, and the assurance of prayers for my continued well-being in ministry. I believe that I am richly blessed to have received so much.


I want to assure you that you have been and will continue to be remembered in my prayers and Masses during this Jubilee year. Your gift on this special occasion is greatly appreciated! May the good Lord bless you for your expression of loving generosity.


Yours Sincerely in Our Lord,


Fr. Andrew Robinson

Parish Priest


  •          Annual Parish Retreat held at St Joseph’s Conference Centre, Baulkham Hills on 25 August 2012.   The theme of the retreat was ‘The Year of Grace’ conducted by Fr Gabriel Maliakkal OCD.  The retreat commenced at 9.30am and concluded at 3.30pm.  Approx. 75 parishioners attended.
  •          First Father’s Day Breakfast for Parish School in Parish Hall.  Prayer Service followed by cooked breakfast for 130 fathers and children
  •          Gardenia Globes Social with 80’s theme
  •          Fr Andrew’s pilgrimage to France (The Graces of France Pilgrimage) to celebrate his Silver Jubilee of Priestly Ordination
  •          Mrs Cheryl Walsh resigns as Principal of St Bernadette’s Parish Primary School after 8 years
  •          Mrs Elizabeth Devlin appointed as new Principal of St Bernadette’s Parish Primary School
  •          Mr Phillip Kapitanow appointed as Acting Assistance Principal
  •          Mrs Mabel-Lynn Buenaventura appointed as Acting Religious Education Co-Ordinator
  •          Nathan Gallegos resigns as Youth Co-Ordinator after 3 years service to the youth of the Parish
  •          Des & May Dockery leave the Music Ministry (Parish Choir) after 24 years to move to a new home and parish


In 2013

  •          Parish School Prayer Boxes to be sent home in Term 2 to the homes with the children.  The children will lead the prayers with their families.  This is to encourage family prayer and is faith in action
  •          Collections at Mass – After the Gospel the First Collection will be taken up for our Spiritual Fathers.  After the Prayers of the Faithful the Second Collection will take place for the expenses of the Parish.  This will help the people of God to better focus on Jesus after receiving him in Holy Communion.  This to begin 1st weekend of May
  •          RCIA – one catechumen and four candidates to be received into the Church at Easter
  •          Parish Pastoral Council Initiatives for 2013

-          Parish Picnic, Sunday, 19 May at Francis Park, Blacktown Showground

-          Biannual Parish Assembly, Wednesday, 6 November in Parish Hall

-          Parish Groups promotion thru the ‘Cuppa after Mass’

  •          Parish School Fete, Saturday, 19 October, 2013
  •          Liturgy – one new Acolyte, 10 new Altar Servers
  •          State Schools – 15 SRE Teachers and 8 SRE Helpers to cover 22 classes in the four State Primary Schools of the Parish
  •          Music Ministry – the Mordini family to both sign and play music at the Vigil 6.00pm Mass once a month
  •          Sacramental Process – 45 children registered for Reconciliation, 48 children registered for First Holy Communion and 44 children registered for Confirmation




Holy Communion


St Bernadette’s




Kings Langley Primary





Lynwood Park Primary




Lalor Park Primary





Seven Hills West Primary




Vardy’s Road Primary





  •          Youth Group – new time on Sunday evenings every 3 weeks, except during school holidays from 6.30pm to 8pm.  7 Youth Leaders and 6 Helpers. 2 teachers from the Parish School also helping. Parent helpers on roster basis also present to support Youth Leaders.  35 to 40 generally attend meetings (Years 5-7).  Emilio Morales resigns as Youth Co-Ordinator and Alex Del Rosario appointed as new Youth Co-Ordinator
  •          Men’s Group – Program for 2013 ‘Life in Christ’ by Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa OFM, Cap.




24 March

4.00pm – 5.30pm

Experiencing God’s Love

21 April

4.00pm – 5.30pm

Salvation through Faith

19 May

4.00pm – 5.30pm

Jesus proves His love for us

23 June

4.00pm – 5.30pm

Life in the Spirit

28 July

3.00pm – 5.00pm

Social: Men’s Group Bowling (Blacktown

22 September

4.00pm – 5.30pm

The Holy Spirit, the principle of prayer

27 October

4.00pm – 5.30pm

Christian humility

1 December

6.00pm – 8.00pm

Social: Men’s Group Christmas Dinner


  •          Lenten Program ‘Believe’ – 200 copies sold.  Program provided by Wollongong Diocese
  •          E-Conference was due to be held on Saturday, 15 June 2013.  Due to lack of numbers it was cancelled.  A survey was held during the weekend of the 22 & 23 June to evaluate the reasons for the lack of numbers.  The topic for the e-Conference was ‘Vatican 2’.

The answers to the questions and the number of responses on the survey sheets are as follows:-

(a)         The topic did not interest – (6)

(b)         I did not enjoy the previous e-Conference – (3)

(c)         I do not like the venue (for instance, too cold) – (2)

(d)         The material is too hard for me to understand – (3)

(e)         I do not have transport to get to and from the event – (1)

(f)          I have been suffering from some health issues – (12)

(g)         I cannot come on Saturdays – (22)

(h)         I just forgot about it – (6)

(i)           I don’t like group discussions – (6)

(j)          Yes, I would be interested in future e-Conferences, Parish Retreat, Biannual Parish Assembly – (65)

(k)         No, I would not be interested in future e-Conference, Parish Retreat, Biannual Parish Assembly – (13)

(l)           Yes, I would like to be notified or reminded by email and/or text message when we have a parish function – (36)

(m)       No, I would not like to be notified or reminded by email and/or text message when we have a parish function – (41)

  •          Biannual Parish Assembly – 83 parishioners attended, 8 apologies received. 4 out of 5 presentations given from the Diocesan Pastoral Plan by members of the Parish Pastoral Council
  •   How are we growing our faith in the Parish
  •   How are we sharing our faith in the Parish
  •   Any questions of the above
  1. Family – Palmira Sweeney – Parent Representative of the Parish School
  2. Youth – Alex Del Rosario – Youth Co-Ordinator
  3. Growing & Supporting Laity & Clergy – Albert Agius – Deputy Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council
  4. New Evangelisation – Elizabeth Devlin – Parish School Principal, Mabellyn Buenaventura – REC, Parish School, Madge Miranda – Sacramental Co-Ordinator, Julie Daly – Special Religious Education Co-Ordinator of the State Schools.  Building upon Ethnic Diversity of the Diocese, Number 5 of the Pastoral Plan was not covered because of time factor.  Parishioners were given 4 sheets to respond to 3 questions,






Laity & Clergy Support




New Evangelisation




Family Parish Support




Youth Parish Support






Parish Retreat, Saturday, 24 August, 2013.  Theme – Come and See Christ’s Invitation directed by Sr Colleen O’Sullivan, RSJ (PhD).  The retreat was held at St Joseph’s Spirituality Centre, Baulkham Hills. 


Retreat Sessions

  • Visio Divina

This spiritual practice incorporates images as a pathway for connection with God. Vision Divina was traditionally practised with Icons which were actually painted prayers.  It can be a powerful experience of prayer through the use of pictures, paintings or everyday images of our lives. 

  • ‘Come and See’

Reflect on the way nature invites us to see God who is incarnate in our world, followed by discussions and prayer

  • ‘What do you hear?

Reflecting on our story and where it meets Christ’s story

  • ‘Staying with Christ’

What is the invitation offered to you now? Prayers around the theme of John 1:35-39.

Questions and Answer Sessions


89 parishioners attended the Retreat


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