• Inclusion of ‘Faith Education’ section in the weekly Parish Bulletin highlighting various opportunities available with in the Diocese and outside the Diocese as we were not always able to run dedicated programs in our Parish, therefore taking advantage of programs in places nearby 

• Monthly Teenage Liturgy introduced at the 6.00pm Vigil Mass. Young people meet with the Youth Leaders at the Parish Centre Meeting Room for the Liturgy of the Word to focus on the word of God at a level relevant to their age group. They then return to the Church for the Liturgy of the Eucharist and have a social time together afterwards 

• RCIA – 1 Catechumen, 2 Candidates 

• Parish Picnic held on 12th August 2007 at Nurragingy Reserve, Doonside 

• During August daily Mass Time changed from 8.30am to 8.45am to encourage parents to come to a daily Mass after they have dropped their children off at the Parish School 

• Mrs Madge Miranda appointed as Sacramental Co-Ordinator 

• Kate Villon appointed as Youth Co-Ordinator 

• Protection of the Stained Glass Windows – UV clear polycarbonate sheets placed over the stained glass windows on the outside of the Parish Church to protect windows from vandalism 

• Parish Assembly – Wednesday, 14 November 2007 – 72 parishioners present 

• Lenten Program for personal and group use – ‘Transforming Love, and Hope for the World’


• Parish website established by Fernando Gallegos 

• World Youth Day/week. Young people from Italy were looked after by the parish family. Suzanne Labbad, a member of the Parish Pastoral Council and Kate Villon, Youth Co-Ordinator were the co-ordinators for World Youth Day for the parish. Ron Micallef, Des Dockery and Sue Gilmore were the co-ordinators for the home stay arrangements for the pilgrims. Teachers from St Bernadette’s Parish School supervised the Italian pilgrims on the ‘night shift’. Pilgrims slept in the Parish Hall and School Classrooms. Parishioners helped with supplying of food for suppers. This was truly a community event for our Parish – everyone played a valuable role of welcome and practical help 

• Renovation of Toilets in the Parish Hall 

• cons of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel were painted for the Sanctuary of the Church 

• RCIA – 3 Catechumens 

• Icon of Saint Cecilia (Patron Saint of Music) donated and installed near the music ministry area 

• A Year of St Paul – 28 June 2008 to 29 June 2009. Using the Parish Bulletin and the Journey of St Paul program for the Men’s Group to highlight the themes and teaching in the Letters of St Paul, and a prayer to St Paul for the Church and the home 

• Roof Renovation of the Church, Parish Centre, Parish Hall and St Joseph’s Centre (top floor of the old Convent) 

• Parish Assembly – Wednesday, 5 November 2008 – 74 parishioners present 

• Lenten Program for personal and group use – ‘Journey to the Heart’


• Parish Picnic Day, Sunday, 29th March 2009 

• Pentecost Parish Festival of Nations – Sunday, 31st Mary 2009. Church decorated for Pentecost which included flags of the world. Parishioners came dressed in national costumes. Prayers of the Faithful in different languages. Parish Hall decorated with flags of the world. After Mass an International Lunch – parishioners brought food representing different countries. Over 200 guests in attendance 

• Fr Tim Crowley’s Golden Jubilee of Priesthood. Bishop Kevin Manning was the principal celebrant of a con-celebrated Mass with Fr Tim and his priest friends. After the Mass an Anniversary Lunch was held in the Parish Hall on Saturday, 18 July 2009 

• School and Parish Fete Day, Saturday, 26 September 2009 

• Children’s Liturgy started at Saturday Vigil Mass as well as at the 10.00am Sunday Mass – to give parents another option with their children 

• Nathan Gallegos appointed as Youth Co-Ordinator 

• Parish Retreat Day was very successful, with 63 parishioners in attendance – a day of spiritual and thought provoking sessions given by Fr Michael Whelan, PhD and Sr Marie Biddle, RSJ. The beautiful grounds and buildings of the St Joseph Spirituality Centre at Baulkham Hills, coupled with the terrific food prompted comments such as theses from those who attended “a very uplifting, joyful and wonderful day”, “excellent day with excellent presenters”, “excellent in every way”, “I found the day inspiring and refreshing and enjoyed it. It was a renewal of faith”, “I hung on every word”. These were only a handful of the many positive comments received 

• Parish Website continued to get a lot of visitors and in growing numbers. It is now widely used, not only for checking current and past Parish Bulletin, but also the rosters for the various parish groups and ministries. In addition information of upcoming news and events can be found in our News and Events page 

• Large screen installed in the Parish Hall and a Portable Data Projector purchased for the use of parish groups and events in the Parish Hall and other venues 

• Painting of the Parish Hall, Reconciliation Room, Sacristies and Children’s Room of the Church 

• Security Surveillance Cameras installed around the Church to deal with vandalism and graffiti 

• Piety Stall at the Church painted and new cupboards installed to display religious items and to better cater for the “Cuppa After Mass” on Sundays, and Healing Mass and other special occasions 

• Holy Oils Shrine Cabinet donated and built by Patrick Padavoli. The cabinet has been placed in the Baptismal area 

• RCIA – 3 Catechumens, 1 Candidate 

• Year of the Priest – 19 June 2009 to 19 June 2010. Prayer for Priests said at the end of the Rosary before Daily Mass. Prayers of the Faithful at Sunday Mass on the theme of ‘priestly service’. Reflections on the Priesthood in Parish Bulletin 

• Parish Assembly – Wednesday, 11 November 2009 – 67 parishioners present 

• Lenten Program for personal and group use – ‘Lord Teach Us to Pray’


• RCIA – 1 Catechumens, 3 Candidates 

• Blessing and Opening of new Learning Areas by Bishop Anthony Fisher. Parliamentarians in attendance. BER money provided by the Federal Government 

• e-Conferences introduced to the Parish from the Broken Bay Institute and the Australian Bishops’ Conference Commission for Mission and Faith Formation. Saturday, 24 April – St Luke’s Gospel presented by Archbishop Mark Coleridge and Dr Elizabeth Dowling, RSM. Saturday, 19 June – Mary, the First Disciple presented by Fr Francis Maloney, SDB. Saturday, 27 November – Jesus the Christ presented by Fr Gerald O’Collins, SJ. All e-Conferences were held in the Parish Hall from 9.50am to 2.30pm. This has met a need for the ongoing adult faith formation of the Parish. This was a need which came from the Parish Assembly, and an initiative of the Parish Pastoral Council 2010 

• New Sign outside the Church for the times of Sunday and weekday Masses, Reconciliation, etc 

• Parish Assembly held on Wednesday, 10 November 2010 – 84 parishioners present 

• Lenten Program for personal and group use – ‘Do You Love Me?’

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