In 2002

• Additional lighting over the Altar, statue behind the Altar, Lecturn, Altar in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. Curtains in different liturgical colours placed behind the statue of Jesus, the High Priest. These are changed to indicate the colour of the particular Liturgical Season. 

• RCIA – 1 Catechumen 

• First Youth Mass held on 6th April 2002. It was planned and organised by young people with the assistance of Fr Henry Duc, Assistant Priest. 

• Fr Henry Duc appointed to Windsor Parish in June 2002. A celebration Mass and Morning Tea was held so that parishioners had the opportunity to farewell Fr Henry. 

• Three decrees promulgated by Bishop Kevin Manning on 1st January 2002 for changes to Parish boundaries. Lalor Park got some of Blacktown Parish. Seven Hills got some of Lalor Park Parish. The Parish of Glenwood/Stanhope Gardens (Blessed John XX111) was established. Glenwood was part of Lalor Park Parish, as was Holy Cross School. 

• Fr Paul Ventecinque appointed to Glenwood/Stanhope Gardens as Parish Priest. Fr Paul lived in the Parish Centre flat for many months before finding accommodation in his new Parish. The Parish of Lalor Park also assisted him initially with administration, pastoral ministries, (State School SRE teachers, RCIA). The Parish also assisted him with a substantial financial donation. 

• Parish collection of $1,800 for the purchase of a pew for the newly rebuilt Cathedral at Parramatta 

• Mrs Mary Martinello resigns as Sacramental Co-Ordinator 

• Mrs Julie Daly appointed as Special Religious Educator Co-Ordinator for the four Primary State Schools of the Parish 

• Mrs Loretta Ring appointed as Sacramental Co-Ordinator 

• Miriam Nolan appointed as Parish Youth Co-Ordinator 

• Bishop Kevin Manning comes for Episcopal Visitation of the Parish during June 2002

In 2003

• Kevin Loong appointed as Youth Co-Ordinator 

• Relocation in the Church of musicians and choir for their music ministry 

• Upgrading of Parish School facilities – new library, toilets, canteen block, footpaths, gardens 

• Pastoral Care of the Sick team established with Sr Mary Noonan, RSJ to meet regularly 

• New format for the Parish Bulletin - A3 size 

• Outreach Visitation by Fr Andrew, Parish Priest to families of children who received the Sacraments of Initiation from the previous year 

• Restructure of Altar Servers – Junior and Senior Servers 

• Parish section in Parish School Newsletter to parents 

• Creative Liturgy of the Word for Primary State Schools for children and their parents at the end of the year on a weeknight 

• Certificates of Graduation given to Year 6 for completion of Religious Education studies – supper afterwards outside the Church 

• Parish Assembly and Parish Pastoral Council changed from Sunday night to a week night – Parish Pastoral Council members allocated a number of parish groups and ministries to liaise with them to find out their needs and how they can contribute to the ongoing evangelisation of the Parish. They are invited to send representatives to the annual Parish Assembly to help the Parish Priest and Parish Pastoral Council members, to discern the pastoral initiatives for the Parish in the coming year 

• Parish Assembly - Sunday, 12 October 2003 – 25 parishioners present

In 2004

• Monthly Healing Mass with the anointing of the sick on Saturday at 9.00am 

• Piano keyboard and new hymn books purchased – As One Voice, Volume 1 & 2 combined. Packs of CD’s for Volume 1 & 2 also purchased to enable singing at the Vigil Saturday 6.00pm Mass and 8.30am Sunday Mass. Volunteers trained to operate the sound system for the CD’s 

• Liturgy Environment Group formed to decorate the Church for Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter, Special Occasions, with creative visual focuses 

• October 2004 – October 2005, the Year of the Eucharist. Eucharistic Adoration began half an hour before Mass, with the celebration of the Rosary. Exposition also on Saturday from 9.15am – 10.15am during Reconciliation, and from 4.30pm – 5.30pm during Reconciliation 

• “Vinnies Pantry” established to help the St Vincent de Paul Conference of the Parish with food hampers for the poor and needy. Parishioners were invited to bring along to Mass a different food item each month, as advertised in the Parish Bulletin. Food items stored in the St Vincent de Paul room in the Parish Centre 

• An initial meeting of parishioners interested in the formation of a Men’s Group was held in July 2004. It sought to offer men a further opportunity for spiritual growth and social interaction 

• Introduction of a transport service that offered transport to and from weekend Mass for those parishioners who are no longer able to provide their own transport 

• Youth Group present a Christmas Tableau and Stations of the Cross at Easter on Good Friday 

• RCIA – 2 Catechumens, 1 Candidate 

• Sacramental Process changed from Year 2 to Year 3. Three Sacraments – Reconciliation Term 2, Confirmation Term 3, Holy Communion Term 4 – all in the one year. New workbooks for the children 

• Large projector screen installed in the Church for audio/visual use 

• Lenten Discussion Groups started up again. Lenten booklets on sale to parishioners for discussion groups or personal use during Lent 

• Parish Assembly – Thursday, 18 November 2004 – 60 parishioners present

In 2005

• Bible Study and Beginning Theology groups commenced 

• Promotion of the 38 Parish Groups and Ministries on a progressive basis in the weekly Parish Bulletin. Each Group to provide a snapshot detailing the history and functions of the Group or Ministry 

• Monthly “Cuppa After Mass” started for the Vigil 6.00pm and 10.00am Masses. Different Parish Groups to host the monthly Cuppas After Mass 

• RCIA – 2 Catechumens, 3 Candidates 

• New Parish School Principal, Mrs Cheryl Walsh, welcomed to the Parish 

• Renovation of Church Toilets 

• Gas Heaters installed in the Church 

• Parish Assembly – Thursday, 17 November 2005 – 60 parishioners 

• Lenten Program for personal and group use – ‘One Light Many Journeys’ 

In 2006

• The Parish celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the building and dedication of their second church. The celebrations started on Friday 15th September 2006 with a Jubilee Mass for St Bernadette's Parish School. All of the weekend’s Masses included a PowerPoint Reflection, A Journey Remembered, a new Jubilee Hymn of St Bernadette with graphics and the ministry of the Parish Choir and Musicians. The Parish Youth Group dramatized the Gospel at the 6pm Vigil Mass and the Year 6 students from the parish School performed a Liturgical Dance after the 10am Mass. After the 10am Mass there was also the cutting of the Anniversary Cake by Fathers Tim Crowley and Andrew Robinson and a ‘cuppa’ for the parishioners. At all masses parishioners received a commemorative Holy Card with the image of the Parish statue of St Bernadette on one side and a commemorative message on the other. A Dinner Dance was held in the Parish Hall on the Saturday evening which was attended by 198 past and present parishioners. Fathers Andrew Robinson and Tim Crowley, former Pastor Zvonimir Gavronovic and Fr Peter Woodward were present for the Dinner dance, as was Tony Battah (the Church Architect) and his wife Elaine. Once again the parishioners of St Bernadette's had shown that they are a vibrant, active, welcoming and nurturing community of God's People. We are now educating our third generation of children to the Glory of God. 


Fr Andrew's 25th Anniversary Homily

• Parish School Family Stage Masses initiated at weekend Masses. These Masses bring together parish family and parish school with a special focus on the children 

• Youth Group divided into two groups on Sunday Nights, each fortnight, from 7.00pm to 8.30pm in the Parish Hall. Years 5 – 7 and Years 8 - 12 

• New Hymn to St Bernadette and a new music Mass setting, dedicated to St Bernadette were composed for the 25th Anniversary of the Blessing and Opening of the second Church of St Bernadette’s 

• Parish Groups and Ministries booklet compiled from snapshots in Parish Bulletin. The booklet summarised the purpose and function of each Group and Ministry in the Parish 

• Senior’s Group, and Parent’s Group from the Parish School, provided very good opportunities to socialise in the Parish 

• Sister Mary Noonan, RSJ leaves the Parish after many years of pastoral care to the sick/elderly and parish groups 

• RCIA – 4 Catechumens, 1 Candidate 

• Welcome Book for new parishioners provided at the entrance to the church. New parishioners are invited to fill in their name, address, phone etc. Information Pack with Welcome Letter is then sent by the Secretary of the Parish Pastoral Council to new parishioners 

• Fr Andrew Robinson celebrated his 60th Birthday. The parishioners presented Father with a gift at the 10.00am Sunday Mass. After Mass the community shared a cuppa and birthday cake outside the Church to celebrate 

• Parish Social Profile (based on 2006 Australian Census) showed a snapshot of the Parish of Lalor Park gave the following information – 

Total Population: 17,970 
Catholic Population: 5,805 
Catholics make up 32.3% of the total population 
The median age of Catholics is 37 years 
Total Catholic families is 2,145 
443 Catholics live alone 
1,460 Catholics were born overseas 
178 Catholics do not speak English well 
232 Catholics need assistance with core activities 
1,416 Catholics have changed address since 2001 

• Parish Assembly – Thursday, 15 November 2006 – 65 parishioners present 

• Lenten Program for personal and group use – ‘Face to Face with Jesus’ 

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